Desk Booking Solution: 7 Signs You Need it Immediately

Published: December 13, 2021

A desk booking solution is integral to a hybrid workplace. But do you need it now? This blog explores the different signs that you need a desk booking software.

A hybrid workplace is the need of the hour. While 54% of employees cheer remote culture, isolation is a significant challenge. 

Hence, companies are trying to strike a balance between onsite and remote work by embracing hybrid work. However, creating and managing a hybrid workplace is challenging. Fortunately, a desk booking solution can help you out!

A desk booking solution is a technology that streamlines the process of booking a space/ desk in an office. It enables employees to reserve spaces for a fixed time, depending on their needs. 

But why do you need it? 

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Why do you need to implement a desk booking solution? Well, in a modern hybrid work environment, things can get a lot more complicated. 

If the following seven signs look like your everyday office scenario, you need a desk booking solution.

#1 Only A Desk Booking Solution helps You Implement Social Distancing 

Safety is the number one priority for organizations. As the manager, you must implement proper social distancing protocols. Contact tracing measures are necessary to gain employees’ confidence.  

But, without a map to depict the state of your workplace, reconfiguration to maintain physical distance will be impossible. 

A desk booking solution can eliminate this confusion. You can see office space status in real-time. You can automatically reconfigure your premises according to your social distancing policy.

#2 You Have Difficulty Managing Your Seats

The influx of people to the office is going to fluctuate in a hybrid workplace. While hot desking booking can be effective, there are pitfalls to the one-size-fits-all approach. 

A desk booking solution can make it easier for you to implement a flexible yet effective seating arrangement. With real-time data on the status of occupied desks, you will have an accurate estimate of the in-office employees.  

Using your desk booking solution, you can determine whether your new work environment can accommodate the returning employees.

#3 Without A Desk Booking Solution, You Can’t Accommodates New Employees

When you hire a new employee, you need to welcome them with an available workspace. A lack of office space may give off the wrong impression and may harm the image of your company.  

If you find it challenging to find a vacant desk, it is because you don’t know which desks are available. A desk booking solution makes it convenient for your facilities team and department managers to view vacant spaces. 

A desk booking solution gives your new employees an easy way to search and book office space using a mobile app.

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#4 You Have too much of Underutilized Space

The pandemic has caused a unique problem. While office spaces are underutilized, most need to larger workspaces to comply with social distancing norms. 

Even with hybrid work, your space management strategy should be robust enough to allow you to identify and address these issues. With a desk booking solution, you can see which desks your employees prefer to book often and which ones they avoid. 

Once you identify them, you can analyze why. 

With similar information, you can make adequate rearrangements using a desk booking solution. For instance, you can convert underutilized spaces to meeting rooms.  

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#5 No Desk Booking Solution = High Maintenance Costs

To achieve a cost-effective allocation of resources, you first need to understand the available desks. Moreover, you need to comprehend their usage.

With a desk booking solution, you will have a 360-degree view of your office. This will allow you to track how employees are using different spaces in the office. You can discover where you are squandering your resources and manage desk allocation more efficiently with this data. 

#6 You Can’t Relocate

Even under fair weather, relocation can be a hassle. Poor space management can exacerbate it further. Without a desk booking solution, you will fail to anticipate how moving one group of employees will impact another. This will further cloud your judgments regarding the desks required.  

With a desk booking solution, you will have the data to visualize these scenarios before relocating office equipment. 

Once you have the needs of your employees figured out, you can design your new office layout and floor plan. Furthermore, you can seamlessly arrange your desks.  

#7 Without a Desk Booking Solution, You Have No Data

Hybrid workspaces will likely be the future of work worldwide. And your workplace model should be adaptable to the growth of your company. 

You can anticipate the projected growth of your company, capital investments, and increase in company strength. But how can you factor in your current office spaces and see how they will hold up when your company grows? Well, a desk booking solution can bridge the gap.

A desk booking solution can integrate with third-party apps and provide required space utilization data. By analyzing this data, you can gain insight into maintaining your desk booking strategy.  

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To Conclude

With the evolution of the hybrid work model, you know you need to make changes to your office space. Additionally, you need to accommodate the emerging operational needs. A desk booking solution can guide you and help you identify where to start.

WorkInSync’s desk booking solution has an innovative, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that enables employees to reserve a desk with ease. And, at the same time, it allows them to collaborate seamlessly in a safe and flexible working environment. 

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