Employee Experience Improves Space Management

Published: April 18, 2022

Employee experience has been under the emphasis for quite some time now. And its direct correlation to proper space management is undeniable. But does space management really impact employee experience? This blog explores the same and points out how to optimize office space for better employee experience. 

employee experience

If you travel back 20 years from now, you will witness a life distinctly apart from the one we have now. Technology was not this advanced. And office spaces looked different. It was a sea of cubicles. 

The last decade changed that. Leaders realized that the open-office concept was better for employee collaboration and productivity. Hence, companies across the globe started redesigning their office space. The virtues of an open space workplace were too enticing to ignore. 

But then, two years back, the pandemic struck. And suddenly, there was this need to maintain social distancing. People realized that a workplace should be activity-based. 

Also, with the concept of hybrid going around, it is safe to say that our workplaces are changing. AGAIN! 

Gensler’s 2016 U.S. Workplace Survey showed that workplace design significantly impacts innovation. Innovative companies are five times more likely to focus on creating a workplace that prioritizes individual and collaborative areas. 

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69% of the businesses that have already transformed their office space to maintain workplace health and safety have increased employee experience and productivity. 

Furthermore, a CBRE survey revealed that 85% of employees want a mobile, activity-based workplace. Now, it is essential to note here that a mobile workplace doesn’t only refer to being able to work from anywhere. It also means that employees get to move around the office more. 

These numbers show that managing your office space is more important than ever, especially if you want to improve the employee experience. 

So, the question remains. How can space management create a positive employee experience? 

Well, let’s first see how inefficient space management can affect employees.

Bad Space Management Affects Employee Experience 

Even something as simple as outdated equipment can affect the overall well-being of your employees. Think of it like this. The desktops in your office are more than ten years old. They don’t operate properly. Employees get frustrated working on such desktops. They get angry. Their productivity gets affected. 

Or say the common areas in your workplace are not well-managed. There are not enough sitting arrangements. 

space management

Employees don’t get to relax well. They get frustrated and angry. They decide to quit the office. You get a new hire, but the same thing repeats. And suddenly, you are stuck in this vicious cycle. 

A study conducted by Hassell and Empirica Research showed that 37% of people are ready to work at a lower salary in an office with well-managed spaces. 

But what exactly do we mean by lousy space management? Well, suppose the bathroom is at an inconvenient location. Or certain parts of the building are difficult to reach. There are not enough desks or meeting rooms. 

All of this can add up to bad space management. 

Also, a hybrid workplace is characterized by its efficient space management. But if your office space is not designed to support the hybrid work approach, it beats the point. 

An article from Harvard Business Review said that 70% of employees feel more productive when working in natural light. At the same time, 33% of employees feel that their workplace doesn’t have adequate natural lighting. 

The same goes for using outdated space management technology. Studies have shown that it is a significant contributor to negative attitudes in your workplace. 

Factors like having quiet spaces for concentrative work, open areas for collaboration, and social distancing protocols to make everyone feel safe are necessary. If you don’t have it, you affect your employees’ workplace experience. 

So, how do you fix it? How can better space management improve the employee experience?

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2 Ways to Manage Your Space Better & Improve Employee Experience

#1 Adopt Space Management Software

space management software

A space management solution will allow you to get a consolidated view of the office space. This can be integral to understanding how the workplace is being utilized. From desks to meeting rooms and parking to the cafeteria, you can get usage analytics. 

This usage analytics can help you optimize the workplace. For instance, there are desks in the office that remain empty most of the time. Instead of keeping those desks, you can convert those into open spaces where your employees can collaborate. 

Or you have a floor that tends to be overcrowded regardless of the number of employees you have in the office. You can design it better to prevent such instances. 

Most space management software comes with options to download space utilization reports. From desks to meeting rooms and parking spaces to the cafeteria, you can download several reports to see how the office is utilized. 

Again, this can be instrumental in helping you improve your space. 

An optimized workplace will ensure that your employees do not waste time, increasing their workplace experience. 

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#2 Employee Experience? Focus on Improving the Office Space 

better employee experience

If you want to improve the employee experience, you must improve the space. Experts cite that a great work environment directly proportional to employee satisfaction should have a proper office space. 

An office that is well lit and ventilated will ensure that the employees feel good about the space. Workmind surveyed 1000 employees all across the U.K. 80% of the respondents said that indoor air quality and the office layout significantly impact their well-being. 

Your office should be well-ventilated. A well-ventilated office is a happy office. 

Hygiene is another factor that you should consider when improving your office space. One out of ten employees feels stressed using shared spaces like washrooms. By ensuring that these spaces are clean, you can reduce your employees’ stress. 

With WorkInSync’s sanitization workflow, you can automate the cleaning process. After every use, a desk or a meeting room can be thoroughly sanitized. This will keep the office space clean and ready for use at all times.

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To Conclude

Employee experience is essential, especially if you want to create a productive work environment. And space management is an important piece that fits the employee experience puzzle. 

If you want to improve your office space and, at length, your employee experience, look no further than WorkInSync. A leading space management software, WorkInSync, keeps your office well-managed and organized. You can opt for a demo today to learn more. 

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