Space Management Software: 5 Benefits You Should Know About

Published: January 12, 2022

A space management software has garnered a lot of attention over the past few months. This blog explores the several benefits of a space management solution in a hybrid workplace.

Most of the organizations across the globe are aiming for better space management. Ever since the introduction of a hybrid workplace, space management has become an all too precious commodity. 

It is necessary to respond to the constant changes brought forth by the hybrid work model. And it is essential to ensure that space is allotted correctly. 

Space management concerns itself with optimizing the work environment for maximum efficiency in its primary sense. It gives a 360-degree view of the entire office space and the inventory. And it ties into so many different workplace metrics. From desk booking to meeting room management, it is all about bringing everything under control, including office space or overhead costs. 

When used effectively, workplace management software maximizes a company’s space utilization per square foot. Moreover, it scales with your company. Whether you have a thousand square feet or multiple properties, it suits a diverse array of workstyles. All the while conforming to be the most effective solution for your employees. 

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The benefits of space management software are numerous. If you are wondering how it exactly benefits your organization, here is a list of five benefits.

Space Management Software Reduces Wastage of Space 

To begin with, a space management tool can ensure that office space is utilized to the fullest. 

A JLL study showed that 42% of global commercial space is underused. However, experts point out that companies tend to struggle with space over time. They say this could be due to an influx of new employees. 

Regardless, organizations feel compelled to consider expensive alternatives to the buildings when there is a shortage of space. Sometimes, they even relocate to a new area.

And real estate costs across the globe have been climbing for several years now. 

Keeping in mind these substantial costs, it is a blessing if you can put every inch of your office in use. Hence, by harnessing a data driven space management software, you can reduce wastage of space. 

This will also help you save money in the long run. With the help of a space management solution, you can unlock such wasted office space and turn them into collaboration areas.

It Gives Clarity on Office Space Usage

A study revealed that large organizations waste around £10 billion on empty office spaces per year. 

Almost in a similar vein to the previous point, space management software can provide helpful insight into rarely occupied office spaces. You can also get a clear view of those heavily populated areas. 

Upon thorough research, most companies will find that certain facilities in their offices are more regularly used. For instance, desks near the window or large capacity meeting rooms. 

There are chances you may also find places that are hidden away and rarely used. This leads to space going to waste. 

Irregular space usage is problematic for numerous reasons that include: 

  • Maintaining an underutilized space can cost high, primarily due to running air conditioners and lighting. 
  • An imbalance in space usage can hurt employee productivity. A crowded place or being isolated in the office can never be good for anyone. 
  • In a post-COVID landscape, an overcrowded place can become a potential virus hotspot. 

Space management software helps you address irregular space usage. By getting all the information required, you can smartly assign places to the employees. This way, you can maintain a safe physical distance and prevent wastage. 

With access to meaningful data, you can change drive better space planning. This will also allow your employees to use office space efficiently.

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Space Management Software Helps Adopt the Hybrid Work Model

Strategy Analytics in a study revealed that by 2022, 42.5% of the global workforce would be made of mobile employees. Furthermore, a survey by Fuze showed that 70% of employees aged between 20 to 44 want to be in a flexible workplace. 

Our workplaces have evolved over the years; however, it was thrust into a sudden shift due to the pandemic. The days of cubicles and stagnant desks are gradually ending. Today’s workplaces show employees prefer the flexible work model. 

In short, we are in the era of hybrid working. The concept, however familiar, hinges on the balance between on-site and remote working. 

Hybrid workplaces are easier to manage, particularly with a high population of next-generation remote workers. Especially when you have space management software at your disposal. 

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Moreover, space management software broadens the horizon of hybrid working. Real-time floor plans and reports ensure that you can move teams and make seamless adjustments when required. 

A cloud based space management tool allows you to decide seating plans depending on the number of employees visiting the office. This further leads to improving space utilization. 

Fundamentally, this will bolster your company’s ability to implement the hybrid work model better.

It Protects Employee Well-being

In a survey by Slack, 72% of the respondents wanted a hybrid work model. The same study showed that only 12% wanted to return to the office full-time. 

The pandemic is far from being over, and it has potentially left a permanent impression on our workspaces. 

We are still required to follow social distancing protocols. Hence, cramming into tight spaces is no longer an option. 

Most employees are concerned about the ramifications of this on their health. Therefore, companies have to take into consideration employee experience and well-being. This is where space management software comes to play.  

Using a space management solution can ensure that employees are spread out. Such software allows easy hot desking or flexible workplace implementation that accommodates employees without compromising space. 

This will also help establish to your employees that you have put their well-being at the forefront. It will increase their trust in the organization. It will strengthen the employee-organization relationship, furthermore inspiring higher productivity. 

To ensure employee well-being, your immediate action should be to provide a comfortable and secure work environment. Space management software helps you achieve all of this while reassuring your employees’ safety.

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A Space Management Software Forms the Foundation of Facility Management

The final standout benefit of space management software is its ability to fulfill all facility management requirements. Facility managers need to thoroughly understand how the office space is being used. It lays the groundwork to optimize the place. A space management system can also help facility managers fulfill several responsibilities like: 

a. Managing Floor Occupancy

In the post-pandemic world, social distancing is the norm. With floor occupancy levels laid out, maintaining social distancing protocols becomes easier. 

b. Managing Movement

Facility managers can organize the movement of employees and inventory better with a space management system. Relocation and refurbishments also become a cakewalk. 

c. Managing Desk & Meeting Room Reservations

Having an idea about what space is available at any given time will help you appropriate advance booking procedures. This can apply to both desks and conference rooms

d. Managing Maintenance Work

By getting a compelling visual of the entire office space, you can effectively guide the sanitization team to locate and perform tasks.

With space management software at their disposal, a facility manager may find it easier to manage the office.

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To Conclude

Now, you are aware of the benefits of space management software and how it helps your organization. However, the next step is to find the perfect space management app. When looking for one, you should keep in mind the following things: 

  • The software should provide real-time utilization data 
  • It should seamlessly integrate with existing tools 
  • The space management system should help you manage every aspect of your office space 
  • It should give insightful reports 

To get a comprehensive checklist, click here

WorkInSync offers a robust space management solution that offers the features mentioned above and more. You can opt for a demo to learn more. 

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