These Return to Office Stats Show That Hybrid is the Future

Published: March 17, 2022

The hybrid work model has been garnering a lot of attention due to the flexibility it offers. But are hybrid workplaces the future? These return to office stats confirm the same. 

Two years back, if we had advocated for a flexible work model, no one would have believed us. The idea of a hybrid workplace was far-fetched, to be honest. 

Okay, now, we are not saying that remote work didn’t exist. It did. In a pre-pandemic world, only 5% were permanent remote employees. In 2022, the number has multiplied by 15 times. 

But remote work as a permanent solution is not viable. From lack of social interactions to isolation, difficulty managing teams to disrupted collaboration, remote work comes with many challenges. We do not deny the benefits. However, experts have deemed it as not sustainable. 

Therefore, comes the hybrid work model. It is the perfect solution to our current woes. With the option for employees to go to the office when they want, flexibility in this setting wins the argument.

And as we advance, enterprises and startups alike have opted for a flexible work option. At least, that is what surveys suggest. 

We have compiled a comprehensive list of return to office numbers that show hybrid as the future.

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Return to Office Stats 

return to office

*Source: PWC

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Are You Ready to Return to Office?

These numbers show that people return to the office only if it is a hybrid workplace. 41% of the US workers have already stated that they are willing to quit their present company if a flexible work model is not offered. 

This opens up new avenues for the hybrid work setting. So people will return to the office, and the hybrid work model will get implemented at a larger scale. 

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