Top 3 Desk Booking Systems for IT Managers

Published: December 21, 2021

Desk booking systems ensure the safety of employees, improve productivity, and reduce real estate costs. They are integral to the hybrid workplace. This blog explores the top 3 desk booking software for IT managers. 


Desk booking systems have become essential to post-COVID workplaces. Most businesses are now resuming work from the office, albeit cautiously. They have forfeited the concept of full strength; social distancing norms are equivalent to the Holy Bible. There are restrictions on the number of desks allowed.  

If you are an IT Manager, you will need a reliable desk booking system to manage your workplace.

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Finding the right desk booking system is never an easy decision, and it is difficult as it impacts every department of your company. The ideal solution will help you do more than book spaces. A capable reservation system will facilitate desk hoteling, make floor plans, collect and utilize data in real-time.

Not choosing the right one could lead to mismanagement, loss of efficiency, and even chaos. If it does not work, it will have few takers beyond the first couple of weeks. People will circumvent it or ask you to book one on their behalf. If you were to do it manually, what good would your investment in a desk booking system be? 

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To make your shopping experience easy and fruitful, we have compiled the list of the top three desk booking systems available in the market.

Tribeloo Desk Booking Systems

Tribeloo is a cloud-based centralized desk booking system, and it comes with a host of handy features. The three that stand out in the current situation are:

a. Controlled Seating

You can approve requests for office visits through automated workflow, and it helps you avoid overcrowding and allocate seating to the visiting employees.

b. Cleaning Alerts from the Desk Booking Systems 

With multiple users in a day, desks can quickly spread infection. Regular cleaning is a must to minimize the risk. Tribeloo’s solution provides timely alerts for disinfecting seats pre- and post-use. 

c. Contact Tracing

The in-built contact tracing feature completes the Tribeloo booking system, making it a good choice in the post-pandemic world.

Topping it all is the analytics that comes with the package. It provides insights that can help improve employee satisfaction and optimize real estate investments.

WorkinSync Desk Booking Systems

WorkInSync is a cloud-based SaaS platform that offers comprehensive solutions for a hybrid workplace. You get the complete package – desk booking, employee scheduling, hot-desking, contactless access Management, visitor management, interactive maps, space management, and space utilization analytics. Following are a few of its many strengths:

a. Advance Booking

The desk booking feature enables employees to book their desks with ease. It also allows them to view where their colleagues are seated. 


b. Hot Desking

The sense of flexibility extends to the desk booking systems. For employees who decide to visit the office on the same day, adhoc bookings can be made using the hot desking feature. 


c. Centralized Dashboard for the Desk Booking Systems

WorkinSync’s dashboard takes the guesswork out of employee activity. It provides all relevant employee data – where your employees are, when they sign in/ sign out, which desks or conference rooms are reserved, who is complying with safety protocols, and who isn’t, all from a single dashboard for easy planning across all facilities.

d. Sanitization Flow

Employee health depends on the frequency and effectiveness of sanitization. With WorkinSync, you can track and monitor sanitization efforts without disturbing any employee’s workday.

Eden Workplace Desk Booking Systems

Eden Workplace is a relatively new entrant to the workplace management solutions industry. It offers basic features like reservations and neighborhood discovery that allow employees to find and sit with their teams. 

Workplace managers can assign flexible or permanent desks with ease. It also comes with an in-built analytics tool to enable optimum space utilization.

Which of the Above Desk Booking Systems Should You Pick?

There are several options available in the market. However, to make sure you pick the right one, use the three-point test:


1. Are the Desk Booking Systems Easy to Integrate with Other Solutions?

If you cannot easily integrate it with your Google calendar or collaboration tool (Slack or Teams), the solution would be of little use in a hybrid work model. Therefore, easy integration is the first thing to look for.


2. Are the Desk Booking Systems Scalable?

Scalability is not limited to the number of desks, and it includes locations as well. A lot of companies today have a workforce spread across the globe. With COVID-19 accelerating the trend of hiring a global workforce, you may soon have multiple small hubs functioning as offices. 

So, scalability is a must-have feature in a desk booking system.


3. Is the Vendor Well-Equipped to Service Your Post-Purchase Requirement? 

A desk booking solution is a long-term investment, and in many ways, it functions as an enabler of your hybrid workplace. Therefore, it pays to invest in a sustainable solution in the long run. The vendor you choose must handle and service your needs even post-purchase.

Post-purchase requirements could include maintenance, integration of new tools, and a helpdesk to troubleshoot or answer queries. Typically, vendors offering a suite of solutions can serve you better than ones with standalone products. 

For example, if you need a new or additional solution, products from a single vendor are easier to integrate. 

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If you find a product that fulfills these three parameters, you will have a satisfying post-purchase experience. 

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