Space Management is Important for Your Hybrid Workplace

Published: February 28, 2022

Space management is an indispensable component of the hybrid work model. This blog post gives you eight great reasons to use space management to ensure that your hybrid workplace is seamless. 

Are you planning to get your employees back to the office and work the good old way? That’s unlikely to happen. In all likelihood, your employees will return to a transformed space, a hybrid workplace.

For most organizations it would be a first. Therefore, you need to ensure that it works seamlessly and efficiency does not take a hit. A workplace management system forms the foundation of this hybrid work model.

Without a space management solution, operating a hybrid work model is like shooting in the dark for no reason. You will know neither which way your efforts are heading nor the impact.

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Insights on Space Utilization 

It is not possible to track and forecast your space requirements without data. A space management system provides you with insights into space utilization. Moreover, it collects and presents data in real-time. 

Using wireless IoT sensors to collect data, you can do away with manual surveys that consume time and effort. Apart from collecting data, a space management system can analyze and provide valuable insights to optimize space utilization. This is also crucial if you want to engage in appropriate space planning. 

Centralized Data Repository and Dashboards

If you have offices in different locations, a space management system acts as a central repository of distributed data. Further, a cloud-based solution helps you access the dashboard from any place. 

A centralized dashboard can also help you get and analyze data in real-time. Thereby, it enables faster decision-making. It could be particularly beneficial when analyzing actions that prevent the spread of infection.

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Space Management Helps Improve Energy Efficiency

If your HVAC systems are cooling or heating a sparsely occupied floor, an advanced space management solution will alert you. Similarly, it can prioritize the use of spaces with natural light to reduce energy wastage on lighting.

So, through space management, you can optimize energy consumption, in addition to real estate costs.

It Makes Desk and Meeting Room Booking Systems More Useful

Manually managing the desks or meeting room bookings could lead to several inefficiencies. The space management solution can automate it. It can sync with the desk and meeting room booking system to change the capacities based on overall occupancy. This can also help reduce space wastage.

It is, therefore, necessary to integrate with desk booking solution and meeting room booking systems.

Space Management Facilitates Flexible Working

The pandemic has transformed the way we work in more than one way. Both employees and employers acknowledge the benefits of flexible working and asynchronous communication. However, traditional offices are not built for this style of work. 

The current office setup is meant for all employees to work together for a given number of hours. If one were to accommodate flexible working hours, it could lead to several operational challenges. For instance, tracking hours an employee puts in would be difficult.

A space management solution helps overcome these challenges with real-time data from various sources.

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Improves Employee Experience and Boosts Morale

The Great Resignation has been a wake-up call for the management and leadership teams across companies. It has prompted businesses to relook at their employee engagement strategies. Several companies are today focusing on measuring and improving employee experience. A space management system helps you do it better.

With a space management solution, you can automate space booking and cancellation. It provides employees complete transparency into space availability. With an app-based booking interface, space management can make the entire process seamless.

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Space Management Boosts Productivity

One of the indirect yet significant benefits of a space management system is improvement of productivity. For instance, as teams book rooms for a finite time, the meetings are more focused and productive. Also, employees visit the office and book desks when they need them for specific tasks. 

So, the space and energy utilization always yield an RoI.

Helps Maintain Health and Hygiene

The world is gradually recovering from the effects of the COVID-19. However, the pandemic is not yet over. So, it is natural for employees to be concerned about health and safety as they share space with several other people.

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A space management system helps combat those fears by providing a safe and healthy work environment. It can provide timely alerts your housekeeping staff to sanitize unoccupied workspaces. It can also help identify and mark areas used by an infected employee or a visitor.

The more advanced space management systems can also regulate the ventilation of a given space. Therefore, space management is all the more important in the post-COVID world.

Space Management is an Indispensable Component of the Hybrid Work Model

If you plan to go hybrid, you will need data and a host of automated systems. A modern space management software can sync with these systems to make the hybrid work model seamless and efficient. 

Working with space booking solutions, it collects and analyzes data for better decision-making. It can also provide insights to optimize your space requirements and save real estate costs. 

Apart from direct cost savings, it provides several intangible benefits also. It helps improve employee experience and makes them feel safer in the post-pandemic times. A space management system also reduces the need for manual intervention by facility management teams. It does this by automating several mundane tasks.

Stay tuned to the WorkInSync blog to know more about tools that make your hybrid workplace successful.

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