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How Does Our Desk Booking Software Work?

Designate each desk with an availability tag

Specify which desks are available for hoteling, hot desk booking and can be permanently assigned to the employees. Assign amenities such as standing desks, docking stations, and more to the desks so employees can find and book a desk that suits their needs.

Employees look at a floor plan & find their colleagues

Upload the office floor plan on WorkInSync to replicate the space. Employees can refer to the floor plan when booking a desk. The app automatically updates the floor plan when an employee makes a booking.

Employees book a desk with WorkInSync

Employees can find and book a desk in advance or on the day from their phone or on the web. Employees get to choose where they want to sit. Managers or workplace admins can also book desks on behalf of the employees.

Track space utilization reports & manage the office space

WorkInSync’s desk booking software gives an accurate view of who and how many employees work on-site daily. This insight can be used to understand office space utilization and prepare a suitable office layout. Also, minimize office space wastage and reduce real estate costs.

Simplify Reserving and Managing Desks in the Office
Hoteling & Hot Desking

WorkInSync supports hoteling, ensuring that certain desks are available for booking by employees for an extended time. We also offer hot desking that allows employees to reserve desks on a first-come, first-basis.

Create Office Neighborhoods

Block designated areas in the office for particular teams. This enables team members to sit together and collaborate better when they are in the office. Assign desks or private cabins for senior management permanently.

Find Your Colleagues

Let the employees search for colleagues on the  interactive floor plans and book a desk near   them with WorkInSync’s desk booking solution. Align the amenities available with each desk to ensure that employees have access to everything they need.

Cancel Ghost Reservations

WorkInSync’s desk booking solution allows auto-cancellation of ghost reservations. When employees reserve a desk but do not check-in within a stipulated time, those desks can be released automatically for other employees to book.

Usage Analytics & Report

Improve the office space utilization with comprehensive analytics and reports. Know how the desks are being utilized to plan an efficient hybrid workplace. Track where the employees are sitting for the day.

Ease of Use

WorkInSync’s intuitive desk booking solution can be used by employees to find and reserve desks from a web browser, from their Android or iOS smartphones, and using Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Implementing a Hybrid Workplace for a Multinational Bank in Romania.

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What is Desk Booking Software?

Desk booking software is an office space scheduling tool that helps employees easily book desks that suit their preferences. Desk booking software allows you to establish a thriving hybrid workplace. The software allows employees to be flexible and helps reduce real estate costs for the organizations.

What is Hot Desking?

Hot desking is the practice of assigning desks to the employees on a first-come, first serve basis. With hot desks, employees essentially don’t book a desk before coming to the office. They choose from a group of desks that are available to them. Hot desks allow employees to be flexible.

What is Hoteling?

Hoteling is the practice of booking a desk before coming to the office for a specific period of time. It is an alternative approach to the traditional concept of permanent desk booking. Unlike hot desking, where an employee chooses a desk upon arrival, in office hoteling, employees book a desk in advance.

Will WorkInSync’s desk booking software work for my office?

WorkInSync’s desk booking software works for any business that seeks flexibility and wants its employees to collaborate easily. You can opt for a free demo to see how WorkInSync can fit at your workplace, transforming it into a hybrid model.

Does your desk booking software work for both admins and employees?

WorkInSync’s desk booking software has various features that suit employees and admins. While employees can book their desks and see where their colleagues are sitting, admins can view the overall desk booking status. Admins can book desks for their employees, check occupancy status, and more. They can also download the reports.

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