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How Does our Digital Wayfinding Work?

Admins make desks & meeting rooms discoverable

Admins can upload the floor plan on the WorkInSync software. Assign names to the desks and meeting rooms, to ensure they are bookable by the employees.

Employees can find a navigation guide from the reception to their desks

Once the floor plan is up, WorkInSync digital wayfinding allows employees to navigate from the reception to their desks. The intuitive app helps employees find the smartest way to navigate the office. 

Employees can navigate from their desks to meeting rooms

WorkInSync digital wayfinding allows employees to find meeting rooms in the office from their respective desks. The app displays meeting room information, ensuring employees know where the meeting room is.
Employees can find where their colleagues are sitting

Finding colleagues in a flexible workplace can be challenging. WorkInSync digital wayfinding ensures that employees know where their colleagues are sitting for the day. They can enter the colleague’s name and find the desk number. 

Make Every Corner of the Office Accessible

Interactive Floor

WorkInSync digital wayfinding includes an interactive floor plan. The floor plans are a proper replica of the office. Employees can accurately find their desks, meeting rooms, and colleagues.

Find Your

Employees can find their colleagues and see where they are sitting for the day. They can enter the name of the colleague they want to collaborate with, and WorkInSync digital wayfinding provides information like desk number.


From the reception to the desk to meeting rooms, WorkInSync digital wayfinding has multiple use cases. The software provides employees with the most optimized routes. Conveniently placed arrows can be used to navigate through the office.

No External

WorkInSync digital wayfinding is completely automated with no external hardware required. Employees can download WorkInSync’s mobile apps and start navigating through the office with ease.

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What is Digital Wayfinding?

Digital wayfinding is the act of navigating within a single location or separate locations. It facilitates navigation using digital maps and signage. With offices across the globe adopting flexible workplaces, digital wayfinding can be essential to ensure better collaboration between employees.

Will WorkInSync’s digital wayfinding work for my office?

WorkInSync’s digital wayfinding works for any business that seeks flexibility and wants its employees to collaborate easily. You can opt for a free demo to see how WorkInSync can fit at your workplace, transforming it into a flexible model.

Can anyone access the interactive floor plan?

WorkInSync’s digital wayfinding comes with an interactive floor plan. It allows everyone with access to the app to view the office floor plan. Arrows are conveniently used by the app to ensure that employees can navigate through the office better.

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