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How Does Our Meeting Room Booking Software Work?

Employees can check colleagues’ schedules

Employees can check their colleagues’ schedules to find time for a meeting. WorkInSync’s bi-directional integration with Outlook and Google calendars ensures that employees’ calendars are always in sync with WorkInSync.

Find an available & suitable meeting room

Employees can search for available rooms that satisfy the meeting requirements such as capacity, location, and available amenities.
Select catering & create a meeting

For that long meeting, use WorkInSync to book catering and serve snacks to the meeting attendees. Check the menu, specify the amount and click on book. This will create a meeting and notify the attendees.
Track meeting room utilization & manage your office space

WorkInSync’s meeting room booking software gives an accurate view of who uses the meeting rooms and when. This insight can be used to understand meeting room utilization, and proper sanitization efforts can be undertaken.

Book A meeting Room Without Breaking a Sweat

Reserve Meeting Rooms

WorkInSync’s meeting room booking software allows your employees to search and reserve available conference rooms. Employees can filter the rooms based on location, amenities available, and capacity.


With WorkInSync’s Outlook add-in, your employees can use their existing calendar to book meeting rooms, with all the additional capabilities of WorkInSync’s meeting room booking system built in.

Release Ghost Bookings

WorkInSync’s meeting room booking solution auto-cancels ghost bookings. Meeting rooms booked by employees who don’t check-in within a stipulated time will be canceled and automatically made available for others to book.

Book with Meeting Kiosks

WorkInSync’s meeting kiosks provide employees with booking details and schedules for that particular room. The meeting kiosks are installed outside every meeting room, and can be used to book a meeting space as well.

Analytics &

Find out how the meeting rooms are being utilized in the office with WorkInSync. Get a consolidated view of the meeting room usage with utilization analytics. Download the reports for quick reference.

Manage Open
Office Space

WorkInSync’s meeting room feature can be used to manage other spaces in your workplace such as open collaboration areas and phone booths.

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What is Meeting Room Booking Software?

Meeting room booking software allows employees to find and book meeting rooms, schedule meetings, and manage a flexible workplace better. With offices across the globe adopting hybrid workplaces, meeting room booking software can be essential to ensure better collaboration between employees.

Will WorkInSync’s meeting room booking software work for my office?

WorkInSync’s meeting room booking software works for any business that seeks flexibility and wants its employees to collaborate easily. You can opt for a free demo to see how WorkInSync can fit at your workplace, transforming it into a hybrid model.

Does your meeting room booking software work for both admins and employees?

WorkInSync’s meeting room booking software has various features that suit employees and admins. While employees can find and book rooms, and schedule meetings, admins can use the platform to track meeting room utilization. Admins can also schedule meetings for their employees and download the reports.

Want to Create Safe & Collaborative Meeting Rooms? Try WorkInSync’s Meeting Room Booking Software