Designing Your Hybrid Workplace for Better Space Management

Published: April 20, 2022

Space management has become an important aspect of the hybrid workplace. The better you manage your space, the more efficient your hybrid workplace will be. This blog explores elements to design your hybrid workplace that will ensure better space management. 

space management

In 2022, workspaces aren’t confined to a single building anymore. Instead, the modern workspace is a network of different locations- company offices, homes, cafes, libraries, and virtually any other space that provides employees with a productive work environment.

However, this doesn’t mean that office spaces are entirely wiped off the world for good! Despite the popularity of remote work, many employees still need a consistent office environment. They need to communicate with their colleagues in person, focus better on their work duties, and utilize office services and amenities. So, if you are offering some of your employees office space, managing it is a new challenge.

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Your company needs solid space management and optimization plans to make the most of your available office real estate. You must use your space to support a positive employee experience, reduce waste, and minimize costs.

Keep reading for tips to design your office space for improved space management.

Your Employees’ Needs Come First! 

Understanding your employees’ needs can help you optimize your space management strategy while meeting their current and future expectations. It will also help you analyze, test, and implement new technologies to streamline space reservations, desk bookings, meeting room bookings, and overall space management. 

So, before creating your space management plan, survey your employees to understand their remote work and in-office work preferences.

You can ask them the following questions:

  • How many days per week do you want to come to the office?
  • What hours of the day will you be available in the office?
  • How do you feel about remote and in-person meetings?
  • How often will you be able to commute to your worksite?
  • What type of meeting space and office amenities do you need for in-person meetings?

Identify How Much Space You Need per Employee

Start by identifying your average occupancy percentage before the office switched to a hybrid work model. The key metric here is how much space per employee was available. This will help you design office spaces better and ensure that each square foot is used as intended.

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Remember that your employees’ space requirements may differ based on the nature of work. For instance, your graphic design team can work in an open space and brainstorm ideas, but your legal team may need a private space for discussing confidential matters. So, consider this when you lay down general space management guidelines.

Establish a Clear Remote Work Policy for Better In-Office Space Management

Guidelines and expectations differ among departments. But laying down firm company-wide expectations helps bring clarity and maintain transparency. Here are some guidelines you can establish for better space management:

  • Decide when teams will meet in person and where
  • Designate spaces where employees can meet clients in person
  • Allot meeting spaces and define schedules for fully remote employees to attend company events

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Leverage Desk Booking to Simplify Space Management

desk booking system

When your employees have the flexibility to choose when they come into the office, they need a way to manage their seating arrangement. So, desk booking should be a part of your space management plan.

Desk booking allows your employees to reserve seats in advance. This is unlike hot-desking, which allows employees to claim their desks on a first-come, first-served basis. It helps your facilities team manage your office space to accommodate the number of employees who plan to be there. 

Additionally, desk booking enables you to monitor space utilization trends over the week. These insights help you can plan your future space needs better.

A centralized desk booking system gives you a structured way to optimize your space management. It gives you analytics regarding desk usage and timing. Therefore, you can use it to create a safe workspace and enforce physical distancing protocols as a part of your space management plan.

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Monitor and Optimize Meeting Room Booking Usage to Elevate Space Management

Meeting rooms are an office’s most underutilized assets. And in a hybrid setting, since the office occupancy is less, the space wastage is higher. Yet employees scramble to find spaces to collaborate.

For perspective, 45% of employees struggle to find available meeting rooms when needed. The solution? A meeting room booking software.

A meeting room booking software can help you track which room is occupied and when. So if you find that large meeting rooms go unused, you can divide them into hot desks or smaller collaboration spaces.

Opt For Multi-Purpose Furniture and Surfaces for Better Space Management

Office amenities are not limited to desks, chairs, and computers. Furniture and walls also count. To elevate your space management, scan your office space for ways to make the most of your current assets.

For instance, you can use whiteboard paint on the walls in meeting rooms for brainstorming. Additionally, you can use multi-purpose furniture to carve out custom spaces within a room. Else, you can reuse large unutilized rooms by dividing them into smaller team meeting rooms. 

Adding smaller desks and tables will help you create different-sized spaces and make the most of your room space.

Optimize Your Hybrid Workplace with Space Management Software

space management software

Space management software helps you visualize your floor plans, desks, meeting rooms, and all other office spaces. It can also help you track utilization and reconfigure your floor plans as and when required.

You can see a graphic representation of your floor plans with space management software. What’s more, you can view real-time data about the desk and meeting room reservations. Such granular data can help you make strategic, data-driven decisions for your hybrid workplace.

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Understanding how you can use your space will help you create a functional hybrid workspace. A well-managed hybrid workplace will serve your on-site and remote employees in the best way possible. Ultimately, efficient space management will increase employee productivity, boost morale, and minimize costs.

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