WorkInSync Wins G2 Best Software Award 2022

Published: March 15, 2022

WorkInSync was recently given the G2 best software award 2022. Our space management solution has been lauded by users and experts alike. Read this blog to find out more. 

When we launched WorkInSync in early 2021, our aim was simple – to help organizations help establish a hybrid workplace. We wanted to make the office a safe place for the employees. A place that they trusted. 

Hence, the inception of WorkInSync was significant. At first, things were slow. But we soon caught up with the competition and started climbing the ladder of success. 

It was not long before more than 60 clients implemented our solution across 15 countries. 

Our solution was garnering attention on G2, and we received blazing reviews from our users. However, the most outstanding achievement came for WorkInSync when we received the G2 Award for Best Software 2022

This award stands as testimony to the fantastic features that we offer. It shows that our users love us and believe in us. 

It was particularly our space management software that has grabbed the users’ attention.

In comparison to the competitors, WorkInSync fairs great in almost all categories. While our features meet the requirements, most of our support quality is lauded by most. We are also highly recommended by our existing users. 

When it comes to using WorkInSync, we are unbeatable. Our app is designed to ease usage for all. You don’t need technical prowess to use WorkInSync. Each step is simplified to ensure that employees don’t have to worry too much when booking their office visit. 

Also, for admins and managers, our centralized dashboard gives an unbiased view of the entire office. From booked desks to empty meeting rooms, floor occupancy to sanitization workflow, our app compiles everything in one place. This ensures that the managers have a consolidated view.

Our Space Management Software is the Best in the Class 

WorkInSync boasts itself on its customizable features for its space management software. We understand the need for a reliable solution when implementing a hybrid workplace. Keeping this in mind, we have crafted our software that automates your office space without any hassle. 

Here is a list of features that our space management software offers. 


1. Managing the Office Space Portfolio & Analyzing Space Utilization 

It is challenging to manage a hybrid workplace. Employees visit the office as and when they wish or require. The demand for office space fluctuates frequently. This particularly is challenging for facility and workplace managers. 

Our centralized dashboard keeps track of the office space to counter this problem. It provides real-time space utilization data that helps the facility managers understand how the desks and meeting rooms are used. 

This floor occupancy data shows space utilization and helps manage the hybrid workplace better. 


2. Simplifying the Booking Process for New Spaces

Our space management software works on two different levels. It allows the employees to schedule themselves and book their desks, parking slots, and meeting rooms. This removes all friction in the booking process. 

When it comes to the managers, they too have the authority to schedule employees and book their desks or even meeting rooms. Here again, employees have the autonomy to request a change. 

So, with WorkInSync, employees get more control of their schedules, whereas managers get a holistic view of those schedules. 


3. Syncing The Amenities Required with the Booked Spaces 

There was a common scenario for all of our clients. Missing amenities! Someone needs the projector urgently, but the meeting room is missing that. We have aimed to remove all such frictions by adding the option to book amenities along with the desks and meeting rooms. 

Employees can even put in their demands for particular amenities like desktops, projectors, or a whiteboard. The managers can view it and provide access to it. 

Our space management software stands out with its unique features.

We have more…

But wait! It is not just our space management software that has won accolades. We were awarded G2 Leader Enterprise Winter 2022 and Top 50 Office Products.

Our meeting room management software is well-liked by the customers as well. 

Other categories where we have been gaining appreciation include but are not limited to virtual workspace and resource scheduling. 

WorkInSync also offers many other hybrid workplace features that include desk booking, employee scheduling, contactless access management, sanitization workflow and floor occupancy management. 

Do you want to try out WorkInSync? Or are you interested to learn more about WorkInSync? Visit to get all the information you are looking for. You can also schedule a demo with one of our hybrid workplace experts.

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