WorkInSync App is Now Available on Microsoft Teams

Published: August 17, 2021

“WorkInSync’s app for Microsoft Teams allows employees to schedule and book workstations with just a few clicks. This helps people better plan their return to the office.”

Daniel Canning, Director, Microsoft Teams Platform, Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams has been the de-facto communication tool for most organizations. This was even before the pandemic. Throughout last year, the significance of Microsoft Teams only increased when the majority of the workforce went remote. And this growth has been twofold. First, the number of organizations using Microsoft Teams increased exponentially. Second, the pre-existing users started spending more time on Microsoft Teams.

As global leaders for hybrid workplace management, it was a no-brainer that WorkInSync had to be present where the employees are. Over the last year, WorkInSync has become the essential hybrid workplace tool, which helps organizations maneuver through the complexities of a hybrid workplace. Not only establishing the concept but seeing it through.

For instance, the desk booking module in WorkInSync takes away the anxiety of not knowing whether and what desks will be available when an employee works from the office. It also helps them find where their colleagues are working from to promote better collaboration.

Intending to help employees in this new work setting, WorkInSync is now available on Microsoft Teams. Users of Microsoft Teams will find an array of features on WorkInSync. These have been listed below.

1. Desk Booking for Employees Using WorkInSync on Microsoft Teams

  • Employees can reserve their desks from a visual floor plan when working from the office. They can also update their schedules when working remotely.
  • While booking, they can apply multiple filters that include checking for available desks, opt for amenities, and more. They can also search for a colleague to see the desks booked by them, further promoting better collaboration.
  • Employees can see all their upcoming plans in a calendar. They can also modify or cancel a desk reservation.

2. WorkInSync Users on Microsoft Teams will Receive Alerts and Notifications

WorkInSync leverages the full capabilities of Microsoft Teams for timely notifications.

  • As a manager, you are notified when your team members check-in and check out. You are also notified of any changes to your team’s booking plans.
  • The employees are notified when their manager plans their schedule. Employees can also view and modify the bookings created by their managers from Microsoft Teams.

3. Collaborate in the Hybrid Workplace

  • Microsoft Teams Activity Tab provides you a quick overview of the current work location of your colleagues. This AI-powered list leverages your interactions on other Office365 platforms such as Outlook for accuracy.
  • The team activity tab can also be installed in a channel context. It shows the current work location of the channel members when installed.

4. WorkInSync Bot on Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams supports booking a seat, fetching and modifying existing bookings, check-in, checkout through bot commands.
  • You can also search your organization for a colleague and where they are working from the day via the bot.

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The natural language bot is powerful and conversational, so you don’t have to know or type the exact command.

Employees from organizations using WorkInSync can directly start using the app without the need for additional onboarding. New organizations willing to try WorkInSync via Microsoft Teams can sign up for a free trial account to 50 users for the first six months.

WorkInSync app is published on app source. To get it directly from the app source, visit WorkInSync App on Team Store.

Or you can also download it directly. Search ‘WorkInSync’ on your Microsoft Teams -> Apps -> ‘More apps’ page.

To know more, visit WorkinSync App for Microsoft Teams page.

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